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A Timeless Congressional Country Club Evening

A Timeless Congressional Country Club Evening

Kristina and Patrick married on the most perfect May day at St. Mary’s Catholic Church, a staple in Old town, followed by a rowdy yet stunning reception at Congressional Country Club. The couple opted to forgo a first look and see each other at the altar of the church, and the love between them definitely could be felt by all. Their bridal party wore a mix of Navy and pink carrying simple hand tied bouquets from DaVinci Florals. The reception was elegantly draped in cream roses and hydrangea and gold candelabras which perfectly accented the Clubs timeless decor. I personally loved each of the couples photos taken during a quick pop over to DC’s iconic memorials before heading to the reception. Enjoy their wedding and see more of their photos in their feature on the Washingtonian Bride and Groom Blog!


Church- St. Marys Catholic Church

Reception and Catering- Congressional Country Club

Photography- Kate Haus

Flowers- DaVinci Floral and Design

Transportation- Chariots for Hire

Hotel Block- Hyatt Bethesda

Gown and Veil- Lovely Bride DC/ Anne Barge

Makeup- Victoria Styles

Hair- Hair by Giselle

Band- Bachelor Boys

Invitations- Capital Society


2014.05.17_D'Ambrosio-Adrian_Wedding_FINAL-100 copy 2014.05.17_D'Ambrosio-Adrian_Wedding_FINAL-129 copy 2014.05.17_D'Ambrosio-Adrian_Wedding_FINAL-19 2014.05.17_D'Ambrosio-Adrian_Wedding_FINAL-40 copy 2014.05.17_D'Ambrosio-Adrian_Wedding_FINAL-520 2014.05.17_D'Ambrosio-Adrian_Wedding_FINAL-292 2014.05.17_D'Ambrosio-Adrian_Wedding_FINAL-320 2014.05.17_D'Ambrosio-Adrian_Wedding_FINAL-375 2014.05.17_D'Ambrosio-Adrian_Wedding_FINAL-435 2014.05.17_D'Ambrosio-Adrian_Wedding_FINAL-494 2014.05.17_D'Ambrosio-Adrian_Wedding_FINAL-661 2014.05.17_D'Ambrosio-Adrian_Wedding_FINAL-577 2014.05.17_D'Ambrosio-Adrian_Wedding_FINAL-643 2014.05.17_D'Ambrosio-Adrian_Wedding_FINAL-1100 2014.05.17_D'Ambrosio-Adrian_Wedding_FINAL-1087 copy 2014.05.17_D'Ambrosio-Adrian_Wedding_FINAL-1141 2014.05.17_D'Ambrosio-Adrian_Wedding_FINAL-1143 2014.05.17_D'Ambrosio-Adrian_Wedding_FINAL-830 2014.05.17_D'Ambrosio-Adrian_Wedding_FINAL-875 2014.05.17_D'Ambrosio-Adrian_Wedding_FINAL-778 2014.05.17_D'Ambrosio-Adrian_Wedding_FINAL-877 2014.05.17_D'Ambrosio-Adrian_Wedding_FINAL-782 2014.05.17_D'Ambrosio-Adrian_Wedding_FINAL-1147 2014.05.17_D'Ambrosio-Adrian_Wedding_FINAL-779 2014.05.17_D'Ambrosio-Adrian_Wedding_FINAL-794 2014.05.17_D'Ambrosio-Adrian_Wedding_FINAL-886 2014.05.17_D'Ambrosio-Adrian_Wedding_FINAL-1031 2014.05.17_D'Ambrosio-Adrian_Wedding_FINAL-1035 2014.05.17_D'Ambrosio-Adrian_Wedding_FINAL-1022 2014.05.17_D'Ambrosio-Adrian_Wedding_FINAL-1204 copy 2014.05.17_D'Ambrosio-Adrian_Wedding_FINAL-1432 copy 2014.05.17_D'Ambrosio-Adrian_Wedding_FINAL-539 2014.05.17_D'Ambrosio-Adrian_Wedding_FINAL-1033 2014.05.17_D'Ambrosio-Adrian_Wedding_FINAL-169

Sam and Steve’s Merriweather Manor Fall Wedding

Sam and Steve’s Merriweather Manor Fall Wedding

A mixture of Navy, cream, and evergreen made up the story for Samantha and Steve’s fun filled fall wedding at Merriweather Manor. We were fortunate to work with an amazing group of vendors to bring the couple’s vision to life and create a party that goes down in the Roberts & Co. books as one of the best crowds we have ever had! S&S wanted to make sure that the day was filled with laughter and fun, and not overly formal which was easily accomplished with their loving dog Reese leading the processional, surprise popper place cards, yummy Georgetown Cupcake dessert bar, and irish dancing all night long!

Although it did rain for a portion of the day, the couple didn’t let a little sprinkle keep them from marrying on the patio overlooking the lush Virginia countryside. Guests moved into the manor house for cocktails followed by a plated dinner from SMC under the tent. Enjoy a peek into their beautiful day!


Venue- Merriweather Manor

Catering- Spilled MIlk Catering

Photography- Audra Wrisley Photography

Video- Shaking Hands Productions

Flowers- B. Floral Design 

Linens and Rentals- DC Rentals

Cake- SImply Desserts

DJ_ Kyle from Mixing Maryland (AMAZING!) 

Officiant- Amber King, A Kings Celebration

Photobooth- Silly Shotz

Passed Pretzels- The Pretzel Bakery (so delish)

022_S+S_GR_WEB 032_S+S_GR_WEB 025_S+S_GR_WEB 162_S+S_GR_WEB 149_S+S_GR_WEB 141_S+S_GR_WEB 061_S+S_GR_WEB 038_S+S_GR_WEB 060_S+S_GR_WEB 054_S+S_GR_WEB 047_S+S_GR_WEB 026_S+S_C_WEB 019_S+S_C_WEB 015_S+S_C_WEB 004_S+S_C_WEB 009_S+S_C_WEB 042_S+S_C_WEB 055_S+S_C_BW_WEB 068_S+S_C_WEB 060_S+S_P_WEB 248_S+S_R_WEB 246_S+S_R_WEB 049_S+S_R_WEB 043_S+S_R_WEB 045_S+S_R_WEB 041_S+S_R_WEB 037_S+S_R_WEB 037_S+S_R__WEB 026_S+S_R_WEB 027_S+S_R_WEB 015_S+S_R_WEB 016_S+S_R_WEB 012_S+S_R_WEB 009_S+S_R_WEB 007_S+S_R_WEB 004_S+S_R_WEB 006_S+S_P_WEB 007_S+S_C_WEB 003_S+S_R_WEB 003_S+S_GR_WEB 001_S+S_GR_WEB

Jennifer & Michael’s DAR Preppy affair!

Jennifer & Michael’s DAR Preppy affair!

Jennifer and Michael came to us to plan their fall wedding at DAR in the heart of DC. We helped them curate an amazing group of vendors and a warm preppy color story of pinks, mint, and gold to run throughout the day. I loved seeing their wedding featured on United with Love earlier this year! Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate and their outdoor ceremony was moved into the O’Byrne Gallery which made the moment feel more intimate and was still beautiful! The ceremony was officiated by the grooms brother, and the bride carried a textured bouquet featuring succulents by Petals Edge. The couple met in Chemistry Class so we created a unique test tube escort card display to incorporate the idea that “It all started with Chemistry!” We love these unique moments we are able to build for our clients with our in house workshop. Guests dined on a full plated dinner followed by desserts from DC staples like Georgetown Cupcakes and Pie Sisters.


Venue- DAR 

Planning- Roberts & Co. Events 

Photography- Lisa Boggs Photography

Florals- Petals Edge 

Catering- Occasions Caterers

Gown- Betsy Robinson Bridal

Band- Bachelor Boys

Rentals- DC Rentals

Desserts- Georgetown Cupcakes and Pie Sisters

Calligraphy- Meant to Be Calligraphy

Cookies- Fresh Bakes

Hotel Block- JW Marriott

20140823_jennifer_michael_wedding_0002 20140823_jennifer_michael_wedding_0060 20140823_jennifer_michael_wedding_0206 20140823_jennifer_michael_wedding_0292 20140823_jennifer_michael_wedding_0665 20140823_jennifer_michael_wedding_0692 20140823_jennifer_michael_wedding_0704 20140823_jennifer_michael_wedding_0706 20140823_jennifer_michael_wedding_0732 20140823_jennifer_michael_wedding_0736 20140823_jennifer_michael_wedding_0744 20140823_jennifer_michael_wedding_0748 20140823_jennifer_michael_wedding_0753 20140823_jennifer_michael_wedding_0764 20140823_jennifer_michael_wedding_0770 20140823_jennifer_michael_wedding_0777 20140823_jennifer_michael_wedding_0860 20140823_jennifer_michael_wedding_0950 20140823_jennifer_michael_wedding_1031 20140823_jennifer_michael_wedding_1040 20140823_jennifer_michael_wedding_1041 20140823_jennifer_michael_wedding_1055 20140823_jennifer_michael_wedding_1057 20140823_jennifer_michael_wedding_1068 20140823_jennifer_michael_wedding_1077 20140823_jennifer_michael_wedding_1090 20140823_jennifer_michael_wedding_1097 20140823_jennifer_michael_wedding_1269 20140823_jennifer_michael_wedding_1273 20140823_jennifer_michael_wedding_1303 20140823_jennifer_michael_wedding_1311

Newport Waterfront Wedding

Newport Waterfront Wedding

Sometimes we are lucky enough to be able to travel with our clients to plan their destination weddings. Hands down one of my favorite locations to plan in has been Newport Rhode Island. I fell in love with this small oceanside town full of amazing restaurants, gorgeous venues, and breath taking views. Kathy and Eric brought in 40 of their closest friends and family for an intimate destination wedding there in July 2011. She wanted a color story of vibrant orange, reds, and greens that were the perfect backdrop to a crop white tent and sparkling blue seas. Enjoy a small peek at their bright, cheery summer wedding. Their wedding has also been featured on Wedding Wire Blog and Vermont Vows!


Photography: Armor and Martel Photo

Venue- Castle Hill Inn

Flowers- Sayles Livingston Flowers

Cake- Scrumptions

Beauty- Gloss and Glamour

Planning- Roberts & Co Events

Rentals- Rentals Unlimited

Mimm_Nicholson_Armor__Martel_0042_low Mimm_Nicholson_Armor__Martel_0044_low Mimm_Nicholson_Armor__Martel_0045_low Mimm_Nicholson_Armor__Martel_0053_low Mimm_Nicholson_Armor__Martel_0114_low Mimm_Nicholson_Armor__Martel_0116_low Mimm_Nicholson_Armor__Martel_0153_low Mimm_Nicholson_Armor__Martel_0160_low Mimm_Nicholson_Armor__Martel_0078_low Mimm_Nicholson_Armor__Martel_0075_low Mimm_Nicholson_Armor__Martel_0077_low Mimm_Nicholson_Armor__Martel_0083_low Mimm_Nicholson_Armor__Martel_0427_low Mimm_Nicholson_Armor__Martel_0002_low Mimm_Nicholson_Armor__Martel_0017_low Mimm_Nicholson_Armor__Martel_0013_low Mimm_Nicholson_Armor__Martel_0057_low Mimm_Nicholson_Armor__Martel_0010_low Mimm_Nicholson_Armor__Martel_0089_low Mimm_Nicholson_Armor__Martel_0093_low Mimm_Nicholson_Armor__Martel_0060_low Mimm_Nicholson_Armor__Martel_0304_low Mimm_Nicholson_Armor__Martel_0367_low Mimm_Nicholson_Armor__Martel_0394_low Mimm_Nicholson_Armor__Martel_0474_low Mimm_Nicholson_Armor__Martel_0479_low

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